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Petition Name:  End the Practice of Daylight Saving Time

Petition Abstract:

Cease the practice of time changes.  Have one standard time all year long.  End the process by not performing “Fall Back” in the next cycle so that the later daylight hours become permanent.  States will have the ability to opt in or out.

Benefits to Society:

To make our days a little brighter …a little happier.  …a little safer.

Later days make for lower crime, safer roads, less energy consumption and is better for businesses.  Later days make millions of people happier, less depressed and is better for people with varying degrees of mental illnesses.  Removing time changes is better for your sleep, better for your health and is easier on teachers, families and their children.  With the economic impact reaching into the billions, we need you to take action.  Please sign this petition and forward to your friends.

Time for a Change.  Don’t change the Time!

Why a Petition is Required:

The Uniform Time Act of 1966 (amended by the Energy Policy Act of 2005) is the law that sets the time for the entire country.  The only solution would be a Petition to Congress to amend the law.

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