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Why End Daylight Saving Time?

Read through the common FAQ’s and how one time all year round will make all our lives a little bit better.

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Daylight Saving Time has a surprising number of issues that are fascinating.  Browse through our Blog and learn.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make everyone’s lives just a little better. To make our days a little brighter …a little happier. …a little safer. One standard time all year round does just that.

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Founder, Anthony Boldin

Hello, I’m Anthony Boldin.  I started this movement because I want to make a difference.  Really glad that you are here.

After some pretty intense studying about Daylight Saving Time, I was astonished.  There are serious and dramatic side effects that both the time changes and early sunsets have upon us.  Please take some time to browse through our blog articles so you can also learn how this affects us.

You will hear people say “aren’t there are bigger problems to worry about?” While that is true, if the lives of millions end up just a little bit better, it isn’t such a small thing after all.  

Now, all we need is you, in this first step to sign the petition for Congress and to forward this to your family and friends.  With our Master Plan for change in place, we can make this happen together!  Thank you!  – Anthony Boldin